Friday, 18 February 2011

Despicable Me

When I saw the very first posters for Despicable Me I admit that it didn't take my fancy because, to be very honest, when it comes to 3D animated films I can be very biased if they are not made by Pixar Studios (Pixar films never fall short of making me fall completely in love with them), and Despicable Me is made by Universal. However, when the trailers started showing in the cinema and on tv they changed my mind completely and I knew that I would have to give this film a go. The animation and overall appearance looked really good, the characters interesting and the story line rather different. It centers around a super-villain named Gru (Steve Carrell) who plans to use three orphan girls as pawns for his latest villainous scheme. What Gru does not realise is that the girls, Margo, Edith and Agnes, will change his outlook on love and life for the better.

After I first saw this film I wanted to watch it again and again, as it is super cute, funny and has a genuinely good message with a great feel-good attitude about it. And I am sure that everyone who sees it will adore the three girls, especially Agnes the youngest who has a unicorn obsession and is possibly one of the cutest little girls to ever be animated! Overall, it is just a lovely film that is animated beautifully and is backed up with the wonderful voice talents of Steve Carrell, Russell Brand, Julie Andrews and Nickelodeon sweetheart Miranda Cosgrove

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