Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Bambi ♥

For Valentine's Day my lovely boyfriend bought me Bambi on Blu Ray. I was so excited to watch it as I hadn't seen in in years! I had all the Disney classics on VHS, but obviously DVD took over and that was that; I had to wait for all of them to be released again. You may have noticed that Natasha and I are pretty much film buffs and we love our favourite films to be in high definition, so therefore we are currently Blu Ray mad! I have quite a collection that is constantly growing (one day I may do a blog post about it) and Bambi is my latest addition. It is hard to believe that the film was originally released in 1942, as in high definition the film is even more stunning visually, and the old fashioned way of hand-drawn animation stands its ground against the more modern day techniques of computer graphics. You can see the soft lines of the backgrounds and the colours are so rich and beautiful, which I love as I feel as though the film can now be fully appreciated for the masterpiece that it is. What I forgot about the film was how sad it actually is, but that just made me love it more because I love that is is quite a well-rounded story that is realistic; the contrast between the enchantment of the forest and the sweetness of Bambi's friendships, against the harshness of the reality of the world like the forest fires and the threat of man. Bambi is just a dream to watch, as the musicality of it keeps the film flowing and the comedy of characters such as Thumper and Flower bring the film back to lightheartedness between the more upsetting bits of Bambi's bittersweet journey. I am very glad that this Disney classic has now taken it's pride of place in my much loved Blu Ray collection ♥

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  1. if ya can't say somethin niiiice, don't say nothin at aaaall! sooo cute! ♥ double points!!! lovely post Kimberley :D x x