Thursday, 17 March 2011


Last night we went to see the Adjustment Bureau with EBlunt and MDamon- brilliant film following the path of adjustment and chance laid out for Damon's character David Norris who finds the girl of his dreams in Elise (Blunt) only to be told that she's not the woman he ends up with in 'the plan'. Men in hats, agents, these representatives of the plan that is laid out for you, written and rewritten so that your life pans out exactly as it should let Damon in on this secret only to be told that he cannot ever reveal them and that he cannot be with Elise.

It's compelling, funny, witty, almost like a version of City of Angels that is a bit more kick ass and doesn't have NCage moping about after MRyan. Instead you've got Matt Damon (whose character in this film is nothing like Jason Bourne- don't know why there has been this similarity imposed- he's more down to earth, less like a shooting machine and more like a nice bloke) and the lovely Emily Blunt with a sort of slight american accent coming through especially while she's on the phone to her ex who plays dancer and love interest Elise in this contemporary story of true love against any obstacle. It's not really mushy, but it's sweet and determined and you get some action thrown in there as well- I noticed the showing had a higher percentage of guys than girls- maybe because they thought it was just going to be another Bourne-esque film. HA.

It has been likened to Inception- the only thing I would say on this is the similarities lie in that there is a sort of parallel reality running next to the real world and what Damon and Blunt's characters perceive as being complete free will is tampered with somewhat. In relation to Inception there is the sort of surreal element to it, but nowhere near the scale of complexity that Inception depicts. The idea of the Adjustment Bureau is not scary or intrusive like I thought it might be and like the posters show- shadows wearing hats looming over them as they run for their freedom, it's nothing like the Island or the Matrix, but rather like agents will give people a little nudge if things aren't going according to plan.

Definitely a steal on an Orange Wednesday- my boyfriend and I both saw a fab film for under £6 (student discount) but I'm definitely ordering it on blu ray when it comes out.

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