Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Curve of Forgotten Things ♥

Elle Fanning is definitely becoming one of my favorite rising starlets! She is the little sister of Dakota Fanning, whom I also adore, an up-and-coming actress, and has already started to turn heads within the fashion industry as Rodarte's latest muse. All this at only 12 years old!

The Curve of forgotten Things is a short film showcasing Rodarte's Spring 2011 collection, directed by Todd Cole with music by Deerhunter. Elle's performance is playful and curious, set in a mysterious house that I think gives off a bit of a 70's vibe (which is on trend at the moment). The whole film is softly lit and has a somewhat mysterious atmosphere, which sets off the clothes beautifully. Overall, I think that it is a lovely way to conceptualise and bring to life a fashion collection, and it is definitely worth a watch if you are interested in arty/indie films

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