Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Black Swan

About this time last last year I came across Black Swan on the internet movie database website. Obviously back then it was in production and little was known about it, but I came across it whilst searching what films my favourite actors were working on, and it appeared on Natalie Portman's profile. I confess I was desperately trying find a reason to not have to go back to working on my dissertation, so I was trawling through the message boards and found a script for Black Swan, and read the whole thing that night (yes I'm ashamed of myself because looking at film spoilers is not really my thing). But since then I was extremely excited for this film as I knew it was going to be amazing and very much talked about! Also, two of my favourite designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy, known as Rodarte, worked on the beautiful costumes for this film. Believe me they are just stunning, and fashion fans will very much appreciate this aspect of the film, especially the scenes when Swan Lake is performed

Natalie plays ballet dancer Nina Sayers, who works for a prestigious New York ballet company that are putting on a production of Swan Lake. As Nina is central to the film, you can't help but want her to get the lead Swan Queen role she so desires, you want her to be the best and prove to everyone that she can play both the White Swan and the Black Swan. You sympathise with Nina and can see how passionate she is, and how hard she trains for the role. But although Nina is perfect for the innocent White Swan, her tutor does not believe that she can connect with the role of the Black Swan and seems to prefer dancer Lily (Mila Kunis) for Nina's alternate. As the film develops you start to question at what cost is Nina paying to discover her dark side to become perfect for the part? Black Swan is not easy viewing, and it definitely challenges you psychologically, but it is an extremely beautiful and enticing film. Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis have amazing on-screen chemistry, which leaves you confused throughout, are they friends or enemies? Don't be fooled by thinking that this is a film about ballet; it is a psychological thriller that is set in the beautiful and mysterious ballet world.

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