Monday, 31 January 2011

Tangled ♥

Tangled is incredible! This is the first princess film to be released by Disney since Princess and the Frog which wasn't that long ago however this one marries the traditional drawn style of Disney classics with the depth, detail and realism of digitally worked films like Up and Toy Story.
At first I thought oh no- we had the beautiful hand drawn elements that were so masterfully done in The Princess and the Frog and I was afraid that after seeing posters and teaser trailer snippets on my Beauty and the Beast blu ray that it wouldn't have the charm that classics like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast have- but I was wrong!

It has really encapsulated the charm and nostalgia that those late 80's, early 90's Disney movies had but really brought it bang up to date with this feisty, exciting new take on the Rapunzel fairytale. The film is best seen in 3D because of the detail- 9I mean Rapunzel's hair is absolutely amazing, the movement of it and the way every golden strand catches the light left me awestruck)- and fast pace of the story- (it is an adventure after all) , however I've only seen it in 2D because I chicken out of seeing anything in 3D.

I'll admit I didn't know the story of Rapunzel that well, but what I did know was how much the fairytale shocked me and the cruelness and deception of keeping this lovely innocent princess locked in a tower- I mean at least Maleficent made her thoughts known at the birth of Princess Aurora and she warned them all what was coming. In this fairytale there are no kind fairies to step in and handle the evil going on! In Tangled the princess Rapunzel has to find her own way to fight the manipulative witch that has kept her locked away and discover the world for the first time. She's helped along the way by notorious thief Flynn Rider, her adorable chameleon and a noble steed who is one step ahead of everyone.

I won't say too much more because I'd love for everyone to go and see it and make the most of this amazing piece of film! It made me feel like I was little again and I love that feeling of nostalgia ♥

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  1. I love this movie! The story is so cool! (:
    Nice blog!