Monday, 31 January 2011

Totally Wicked ♥

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I had plans to go down to London for my birthday to see Wicked, go shopping on Oxford street and to see my lovely best friend and fellow blogger, Natasha. I don't want to go on too much about it all but it was just a perfect weekend; I have always loved going down to see shows on the West End whether it be something fun like Fame, or something more serious and non-musical like Equus. Anyway, as I mentioned previously, Wicked has been a show I have wanted to see for a long, long time. I can tell you that it did not disappoint. If anything it went past my high expectations of it, and left me wanting desperately to go back and see it again. I actually went to see it with my boyfriend Ben, who was not a musical theatre fan at all and did not particularly like the idea of going (when we first got tickets I had to promise to balance out the trip with going to the Natural History Museum and the Oxford street Topman). However, during the interval he turned round to me and told me how amazed he was and that when he got home he was going to learn to play Defying Gravity on his guitar. After the show he agreed that he would be more than happy to see it again. I also bought most of the merchandise; the soundtrack which I love singing along to (when no one is around to listen), the Grimmerie book all about the show, the programme, the Grimmerie silver charm, and I am currently waiting for Amazon to deliver the novel to me. Total. Wicked. Mania.

I mentioned before that I was particularly excited to see Lee Mead, who in the show plays Fiyero. But as amazing as Lee was, the show was totally owned by Rachel Tucker and Louise Dearman who play Elphaba and Galinda (later known as Glinda the Good). The chemistry between the two, who start as rivals and become good friends, was just amazing. Their performances were outstanding! Louise especially was hilarious and played her role brilliantly, and Rachel's voice was just beautiful, she sings so passionately and defiantly! Overall, it is a beautiful show, the cast, the costumes and sets, the music, everything about it is just wonderful, I really cant praise it enough. And as for the story of it, well, that is something I really can't give away. Let me just say that if you are a fan of the Wizard of Oz, then you will love Wicked as it is sort of a prequel to Dorothy's adventure. Please don't ruin it for yourselves by reading into it, just go along and let yourself be amazed

Rachel Tucker as Elphaba

Louise Dearman as Galinda

Lee Mead as Fiyero

Rachel Tucker and Lee Mead performing 'As Long As You're Mine'

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