Thursday, 20 January 2011

ooh la la!

hotel chevalier. directed by wes anderson. natalie portman. jason schwartzman.
This short film by anderson is to be played before watching The Darjeeling Limited which is an awesome film. Just wanted to share this yellow film of iconic acting from portman and her love interest Schwartzman in a parisian hotel room. This scene later inspires Schwartzman's character Jack Whitman to write about his relationship on hotel paper. Portman is incredible as usual, even in silent shots where she is just brushing her teeth. Anderson's direction is as compelling and quirky as ever- all in all it's just an intriguing, entertaining and playful piece of film making.
images: weheartit


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  2. I love that it is all lovely and yellow, and Natalie is so pretty with that pixie hair do :) x