Tuesday, 17 May 2011


TRON: Legacy is a neon, futuristic and super cool journey into the deepest digital realm of the Grid forged by Sam Flynn's dad, Kevin Flynn who went missing back in 1989. Sam finds a portal to the world his dad is lost within, only to find creations that are so far advanced it's unbelievable they aren't real. He's flung into a world where no one can be trusted, including white haired club owner Castor (Michael Sheen). Will he find his dad? Will he make it out of the world where super sleek black suits, perfect hair and electric blue glasses of drink exist? I don't want to spoil it all, but I love that it's Disney and super grown up while still staying true to its childhood routes.

Disney have released it on triple play, which I also love you can take the dvd copy anywhere, put it on your ipod but the best way is definitely to watch it in blu ray high definition to best appreciate the amazing special effects in this movie.

Natasha ♥

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