Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sucker Punch

I feel like I have waited forever and a day for the release of Sucker Punch. When I come across films that are in the process of being made that really take my interest I get so impatient because I want to see them right then and there (Wrath of the Titans is being made right now, and it's annoying me that I will have to wait another year or so for it's release); Sucker Punch was this kind of film for me. I can't remember how I first came to know of it's existence, possibly from trawling IMDB whilst I should have been doing my dissertation (I may have mentioned this distraction of mine before) and there it was. A film by Zack Snyder with a cast that included Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Jena Malone, and Abbie Cornish, all set to play characters with odd names like Babydoll and Blondie. Little was known about the film apart from that the girls were set to play girls who lived in a brothel, who also happened to be sword and gun-wielding action heroines who were plotting to escape (confused yet?). Also, they had to take part in intense training prior to filming, which most definitely paid off as in the film they all look flawless in the action scenes.

When I finally got round to seeing the film I had heard a few bad reviews about it, but I tend to not let things like that put me off, and I'm so happy I didn't!! From the very start of Sucker Punch I was just drawn in from the dark beauty of it, and of course the story line is pretty intense and you just want to know where it is going to take you. It takes a little while to build up but once the action started it just blew me away! The only time I took my eyes off the screen was to look at my sister with my mouth hanging open from amazement... I am a fool for films that have an astoundingly rich aesthetic and Sucker Punch pays attention to the finest of detail.

The soundtrack was also a strong point for me, as the music really helps to get you going especially when the girls are kicking ass in battle against samurais, steam powered nazis, robots and dragons. It includes three songs I already loved (but the whole soundtrack is well worth a good listen); Bjork's Army of Me, a cover of Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit and a cover of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) sang by Emily Browning herself. The only thing that is a little hard to grasp at first is the quick change of 'setting', as the film's main character Babydoll (Browning) narrates the story, so the events are shown through her eyes and through her imagination. Trust me with this one, once you get into the film it will start to make sense. Browning is stunning in the lead and she is backed up by the other girls brilliantly. Overall, Sucker Punch is a ball-breaking action film that is female led; it is unique in story and style, and there is nothing that I know of that is quite like it. I will definitely be getting it on Blu Ray the day it comes out!!


  1. this looks amazing! kind of wish it was out when i was 15 i'd have worn my hair like babydoll. the aesthetics look astounding! i love emily browning x x x

  2. Natasha you will love it, it is sooo pretty but proper kick-ass! When I was watching it all the way through I was like 'oh my god i want platinum blonde hair like Emily Browning... No I want it golden blonde like Abbie Cornish... No, no, I want it black/brown like Vannesa Hudgens..." hehe >_< x x

  3. haha I'd be like that too! Ooh yeah Abbie Cornish is in it isn't she! i love her too! except when she's in Bright Star, ooh no, no, come away! x x x